Alarms and Monitoring

Dependable alarms and monitoring systems in Manukau

Dependable alarms and monitoring systems in

The NZ Police force recommends installing security alarms as one of the most effective deterrents to crime. Manukau Lock & Alarm offers you a range of alarm systems that can reliably protect your home or business. Installing one of our systems will drastically reduce the risk of a burglary. All of our systems can be customised to suit your individual requirements and budget. It is important that alarm systems works around the client, not that the client works around the burglar alarm system.

It is a legal requirement that a Security Company must have a current Security Guards Licence to install or repair alarm systems. Our team members are all fully licensed. Our clients range from residential homes to major commercial businesses and schools throughout Manukau. For more information, please contact us today.

With alarm monitoring Auckland residents & business owners trust. We're not just local, Manukau Lock & Alarm install & monitor business & house alarms Auckland wide.
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Expert advice

Our experienced staff will offer practical advice and solutions to suit all budgets. The following features can be included in all our alarm systems:

  •     Audible sirens
  •     Panic buttons
  •     Wireless remotes
  •     Smoke detectors
  •     Pet friendly detectors
  •     Monitoring and access control
  •     Night arming
  •     Multiple code numbers

Real protection

Expert advice

Many homeowners wait until they are the victim of a break-in or robbery before they invest in an alarm system. A home protected by an alarm system is much less likely to be robbed. You may also receive a substantial discount on your insurance by installing an alarm system. At Manukau Lock & Alarm, we start by assessing your protection needs. We specialise in customised alarm systems.

Our hard-wired systems are perfect for new constructions and homes where there is space to run wiring in the attic or roof space.

Wireless systems are ideal for homes with high ceilings or little space for wiring. Wireless systems include remote access devices for arming and disarming your alarm, hand-held control pads and panic buttons.

We can combine hard-wired and wireless technology to incorporate the advantages of both systems.

Security systems these days are more advanced and sophisticated than ever before.

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Secure your home

All modern systems are designed to help secure your home against any intrusion. Unfortunately as security systems have advanced, so have the methods that criminals use. A basic alarm is not enough to deter a would-be burglar. By investing in a good alarm system, you will know that your property and your family are secure. We recommend you choose a system that will protect your home at all times of the day.

Potential intruders will see that you have a system in place and move on. Not only is having a security system practical, it can also be cost effective
Many insurance companies will provide you with a discount on your premiums.

24/7 Monitoring

Manukau Lock & Alarm offers a variety of alarm monitoring packages for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Choose one of our monitoring packages for complete security. We can provide monitoring for new or existing alarm systems for less than $1.00 a day. Our 24 hour monitoring system will send a signal back to the base on activation of the alarm. The base will immediately action the call, for example phoning you or your family or deploying security guards.

Fire protection

Protect yourself against fire with Manukau Lock & Alarm. Integrating hard wired smoke detectors to your alarm system will give you a complete safety and security system. Hard wired smoke detectors are far superior to battery powered smoke detectors as they offer the following advantages:

  •     No need to replace batteries
  •     Loud external sirens alert neighbours
  •     Monitored systems sends fire signals
  •     People cannot sleep through sirens

CCTV system

Closed Circuit TV

CCTV systems are excellent deterrents against theft and vandalism. All incidents are digitally recorded on a hard drive and can be easily searched by an operator. Our team uses motion sensing cameras to prevent unnecessary recording, thus extending the memory. Some of the features of CCTV are:

  •     Increased memory by using DVD   recorders
  •     Recording of evidence
  •     No replacing video tapes
  •     Motion sensing cameras

  •     Infra-Red camera
  •     Multiple camera recording
  •     Ease of incident searching

Access control

With an electronic access control system you can prevent any unauthorised entry or exit to your premises. It also restricts staff from entering areas where they are not permitted. Some of the features are:

  •     Time lockout
  •     Audit trail of entries and exits
  •     Individual access cards can be deprogrammed from system by manager
  •     Alarm code is not required

A correctly installed access control system is a living intruder prevention system while the alarm system is turned off.

Access control systems use electronic cards as keys to the facility. This system protects equipment, inventory and information by means of controlling employee access to certain areas. You will no longer need to replace keys and locks when an employee is terminated - you can simply delete the employee’s electronic key.

The system can also be set up to provide reports which detail the time employees arrive, which rooms they enter and when they leave the building. The system can also be used for payroll purposes by recording the time and date of entry.

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